Our Own Filth

I'm not sure how coherent this blog post will be. I have been trying to find the time to write for several months, and now that Katherine is occupied with some very loud and distracting Daniel Tiger in the background, perhaps I can string a few sentences together. I used to have a little free time when Katherine napped, but I had to use that time to do so many other things, like watch Destination America. Now she only naps if I drive her around. She also used to sleep happily through the night, but ever since Halloween, she has woken up multiple times every night saying she is scared and talking about scary ghosts. I hope I just put her on Halloween overload in October, and there aren't actually scary ghosts in her room at night. But one of my friends sent me a YouTube video about burning sage to get rid of scary ghosts, so I'm armed and ready if need be! 

The Prestons are happily settling in to our new home, and we are finally nestling into our OWN filth, and not just someone else's filth. It feels good! Here are some pictures of our new digs! Enjoy!
Here's our front stoop after a minor makeover with new light fixtures,
topiaries, mums and Franco.
Front elevation before Derrick went hog wild with the chainsaw.

And... after going hog wild.
We have every intention of not having a dirt garden forever.

It was cathartic for him, really.

The most dramatic transformation happened in the dining room. 

RIP, broken orb light fixtures! Smell ya later, peeling wallpaper!
Does anyone want to buy me two more dining chairs?