Our Team

It takes a whole team of people to write and/or inspire every word on CiB.  This is Leigh Ann, our fearless leader.  This picture was taken when she was three years old.  Like many three-year-olds, she had a lot to be pissed off about.  Among other things, she had recently cut her own bangs off at the root with some plastic safety scissors.  Think what you will, but this is Sandy H.'s favorite picture of her.

This is Derrick, the CFO of Cats in Baths and also the greatest husband we could have ever dreamed of!  Once, he hid under a towel and kept watch over a boat full of nudists with some binoculars to make sure they weren't thinking about coming closer to us and tainting our eyes with their sinful nakedness.  He's so thoughtful, protective and wonderful!

This is Sandy H., alias Mom.  Sandy H. once reigned over the great, fruitful land of Biloxi as its Mardi Gras queen.  Sometimes she even puts down her scepter long enough to guest blog for us.

This is our amazing and loving dad Bill H.  He was mature in years when we were born.  Here is a picture of him from when he fought in the Civil War.  Apparently it was just like Gone With The Wind - lots of flirting and carousing!

On the far left is our big brother Randy at our pre-school graduation, enjoying a pink lemonade and pretending to be interested in what we had to say.  We were most likely bitching about something, like the length of our bangs.

This is Brooke, our helpful big sister.  It's not clear what she's helping us with, since we're obviously in the early stages of developing our lifelong skills of feeding ourselves so deftly.  However, she did have the sense to give the two-year old the coffee mug that reads, "I think I'm allergic to morning."

This is our cat Franco.  His favorite pastimes include purring, snoozing, dozing, lazing, licking things, getting his pink belly rubbed, drinking out of the toilet, and not taking baths.

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