I have been feeling lately like I need to be using my free time more wisely – like I need to give back to something or someone, and take part in an organization that really makes a difference in the world in a positive way.  Out with the salami-feasting while watching 16 & Pregnant.  In with the spiritual enrichment!

I have decided that the best way for me to use my spare time in a positive and fulfilling way is to take part in a fantasy celebrity league with a few gossip addicts at work.  At last, thanks to our friends over at Rants.  Raves.  Randomness., I have discovered a fantasy football/basketball/baseball league that is actually none of those lame things and is way better! 

My #1 draft pick will obviously be Britney Spears.  If I can land her, I don’t care if her teammates consist of The Situation and Larry King; I will be happy regardless. 

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is for Britney and JT to get back together.
And wear this. 

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