Inner Demons

I like to think that if and when the time comes, I'll be a good mom.  Earlier today, Franco allowed me to practice catching vomit before it hits the carpet.  And if today has taught me anything else about potential future motherhood, it's that I'll be taking my real kids to the most expensive best veterinarians pediatricians available.

I ended up taking the whole day off today and basked in the bittersweet memories of unemployment.  Bagels for lunch!  Maury Povich!  Going to the gym ... eh.  Or not.

Although my day has been peppered with bouts of ADD episodes disguised as actual tasks, I did manage to accomplish one thing that's been on my to-do list for several weeks - something only truly mature adults actually do: I set up my retirement account.

I have never had the head or the attention span for business - or numbers ... or budgets - and would really rather be doing anything other than thinking about this sort of thing.  I have a little demon that always appears out of nowhere when I'm trying to concentrate on things that we all know are boring.  Too bad ... the demon is always so reasonable.

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  1. Unsolved Mysteries is on! I miss our unemployed conversations about TV scheduling. Good thing you could always default to law and order. In other news, have you been taking art classes?