These lambs I swiped off of Cute Overload yesterday are totally making me rethink the Easter dinner I had planned. 

They look like they're getting ready to take flight in succession, like the Easter Bunny's rein-lambs, carrying Cadbury eggs and plastic baskets to all the little children!

I want to chomp this little guy's airborn hooves off.  I bet they are made of Reese's peanut butter cups.

Check out the knobby little knees on this guy!

Their sproingyness reminds me of the 2004 animated short "Boundin'," featuring a sproingy lamb.  Even though it's a "short" for some reason they can't cram all four minutes into one video.  Annoying!

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  1. ACK! SO cute. I'm going to Wales this weekend to visit my friend's family's farm, where over 1000 baby lambs were just born. I hope they prance like in the pictures!!