More Stressful Than A Vacation

I don't want you to think I've become an all Dancing With The Stars blog, since I don't really even like the show and haven't ever seen an entire episode of it in my life, so I'll just say this: Rick Fox was voted off last night, which is lucky for him, since he spent approximately 5 of the 10 minutes I watched talking about how incredibly stressful it is to be on this show.  He said he would rather be in Game 7 of the NBA finals, on the free throw line with "everything on the line," and that would be less stressful than being on DWTS

But it's okay now, Rick, because you have much to be thankful for, and you no longer have the stress of Carrie Ann and Bruno on your shoulders.  You're rich, tall, athletic, racially ambiguous, you date the naughty vampire slayer, and you went to the greatest University known to man.

Thank God Sandy H. is back next week.  She says: "Six straight days at sea is a lot."  Yeah ... vacations can be tough

Back to processing credit cards in my windowless cubby.

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