Stupid Christine O'Donnell, Hating On Sorcery

I wrote a DWTS recap that involved lots of funny quotes from Derrick, and I so smartly put my notes in my purse so I would remember to bring them in to work, where I can blog without the distraction of Gossip Girl - which, by the way, had the worst episode EVER last night.  Seriously, I don't know why I watch it.  I suppose that no matter how terrible the plot lines continue to be, I am always going to be one of Blair Waldorf's minions. 

But anyway, back to my notes.  Naturally, having recently been made fun of by my boss for having a pink purse that clashed with my red coat (hey ... it was a long, tiring, confusing day when that happened), I wasn't going to make the same mistake twice, so I brought a different purse in to work today.  Maybe I can write it up when I get home, but it will be difficult to make a 7 PM post about last night's DWTS relevant, partially because I know somewhere in there I wrote that they drag the show out for two long hours by airing at least one hour of commercials, which is currently including some delightfully hateful smear campaigning for today's midterm elections. 

Although, I do appreciate any last-ditch effort to get a laugh out of Christine O'Donnell.  She says "I'm not a witch" like it's a bad thing to be a witch!  I would love to be a witch.  Then I could wiggle my nose and have my DWTS notes in my hand instead of at home.  Or better yet, I could wiggle my nose, create a pile of cash, become independently wealthy and be able to be at home all the time!  And just come in and process credit cards from time to time because I want to.  Stupid Christine O'Donnell, hating on sorcery. 

And now, a note from Sandy H., who's floating around somewhere in the Atlantic, and managing to keep up with her DWTS research, among other activities:

"There's a man here in the library/internet cafe who's saying that people are 'stealing my newspapers!  I don't want to be on a ship of thieves!'  I wonder where he plans to get off.  We're 2,000 miles from land.  Let me tell you, there are some strange birds on this vessel.  Just left rumba class.  I'm getting better, but that is a relative thing in this case.  Yesterday was the tango and I was abyssmal.  Tomorrow is the waltz.  Rolling out of bed every day to go to abs class.  Yesterday there was a martini tasting.  At last something that I have been trained for."

Me, in my dreams

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