The Least Surprising News

We were growing a little tired of the pretty blue geometric shapes on our background, so we tried unsuccessfully to redecorate with a new one.  We simply cannot remember how we customized it, so we immediately gave up because if you can't figure out how to do something right away, you should quit trying.

Then we poked around our blog and discovered our Statistics page, and it opened our eyes to the nature of our audience!  Not only are you tuning in from Denmark (hi, Staci G.), the U.K. (hi, Mackie B.), and Romania (hi, .... uhhhh ... ), but an enormous number of you found us by Googling "Hot Rugby Player."

Yes, this is the least surprising news ever: that most internet users are regular people - horny, voyeuristic hooligans, so our most viewed post by several hundred page loads is Hooligans, where we wrote about Derrick joining his business school's rugby team and featured a naked rugby-playing piece of ass.

When one performs a Google image search for a "Hot Rugby Player," CiB is thrilled to announce that we appear on Page 2!  Go Team!

We can't even find our own blog when we Google Cats in Baths!

Not that we are judging - because we initially found that picture by Googling "Hot Rugby Player."

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