Sandy H. writes: "I sent your Aunt Anne your blog address.  She called and asked, 'What's a blog?'"

I'm not sure why I found this so funny; I guess it's not that unusual.  Regardless, it gave me a major case of the LOLz.

Sandy H. says Aunt Anne also had trouble grasping the Cats in Baths concept.  The following is a dramatization of how I assume this conversation went, based on certain excerpts from Sandy H.:

Sandy H.: It's called "Cats in Baths."
Aunt Anne: What?
Sandy H.: "Cats in Baths," you know, like when you give a cat a bath.  She just thought it would be funny to call her blog that, I don't know.
Aunt Anne: Does Leigh Ann give cats baths?
Sandy H.: No, but it's more of a concept, like her tagline says "Funny, pointless, disapproving."  It's a metaphor for the blog as a whole.
Aunt Anne: Leigh Ann doesn't have a cat.  Does Leigh Ann have a cat?
Sandy H.: No, but it's just the name of her blog.  Like the book, "Running With Scissors" isn't just a book about someone running around with scissors.
Aunt Anne: She used to have a cat, but now it lives with you.

I appreciate the effort, Mom.

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