F***ing Trivia

Last night we hit up Cavanaugh's for some trivia action, and it should come as no surprise to anyone that I totally kicked ass when it came to any question involving Crispin Glover, Barney Gumble, or Jude Law's extramarital affairs.  However, when it came to quantum mechanics, the underground plumbing of ancient Rome, and the transpiration of plantlife, I really showed my limits. 

My brain is an endless abyss only of pop culture knowledge, filled with dark, cobweb-filled corners that store the stupidest and most worthless facts.  Occasionally, I can use this knowledge to earn respect from some, pity from others, and free shots from the Irish trivia MC.

How do I get a gig like this guy?  He goes around to bars running trivia games, being unfriendly, and saying lots of terrible, filthy words, some of which I haven't heard since my last viewing of Trainspotting.  These are all things I could excel at: knowing stupid things and cursing.  The unfriendliness might be difficult, but I am always up for a challenge.  I am pleased to say I have a new career goal if event planning, administrative assistance, farming, and blogging don't work out. 

Anyone who can tell me how the character below was killed off her TV show* gets a free Cats in Baths bumper sticker!**

*This is so, so freaking easy.

**We don't really have these.

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