New Roommate

As I was lounging on the couch this evening absorbing last week's episode of Teen Mom, praying that Tyler and Catelynn can work through their problems, praying that Gary and Amber can't work through their problems, and otherwise awaiting the arrival of my prince from his weekend of team bonding with his b-school cohorts, I spied with my little eye something moving across the floor.  It's not unusual for me to have strange and often non-existent visions after a weekend of crushing bottles of wine with Anna, but this wasn't just your average Are-Those-Fried-Pickles-Real-Or-Not kind of vision.  No, this was definitely a mouse, no doubt about it.  It basically looked just like this, except not a possum:

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I immediately reverted to 3rd-grade Leigh Ann when my sister and I would be inspired by Pippi Longstocking and play Don't Touch The Floor for hours like 10 minutes at a time.  I leapt up onto my couch to try to get an overhead view of where it headed but it disappeared like a ghost.  Oh, how I wished Derrick were here to save me!  I used to be so independent, destroying giant spiders that infiltrated my home, giving an icy glare to any potential rapists as I walked to my car alone at night with my keys spiked between my fingers to use as a potential weapon if necessary, even going to the bathroom by myself at a restaurant free of female companionship.

Oh, well.  Prepare to be evicted, beyotch.  My hero just walked through the door.

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  1. Well I was going to like this on facebook (and did but then unliked it after thinking about it)...but really, I just like your 'tude, LAH. Maybe the mouse is a chance to get out of your lease so you can move somewhere and get one of those dogs you're always stalking!

    Also, it told me I did not have permission to comment on facebook. I don't know whether to be offended or awed.