Earlier this morning, C.i.B. passed the 1,000-hit mark since launching just two short weeks ago, and we could not be more thrilled that so many of you are enjoying our posts and coming back for more!  Of course, we didn't have the counter for the first week, so it might be more, unless you count the fact that about 300 of these hits are from us personally, 100 are from Sandy H., 300 total are from Derrick and Jeff to see what we've written about them, and 200 are from our bosses to see what the hell we are doing during the work day. 

So, in addition to the presumably 99 random people who landed on this page while playing Blog Roulette hitting the "Next Blog" link at the top of the page, that leaves you, one gorgeous reader who has visited one time!  Thank you for supporting Cats in Baths that day you were here, and we hope we entertained you! 

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  1. I hope it doesn't mess up your stats that I check your blog every ten minutes for 8 hours a day?