Forehead Smack

Derrick and I both exited the apartment keyless last night, and had that realization as the door locked itself in what felt like slow motion.  But not slow enough that you can prevent it from happening.

I have been impressed in the past with Derrick's ability to strategically open locked doors with credit cards.  In fact, I think he keeps an old one in his money clip strictly for this purpose.  As he says, "You never know when someone's going to be building a new house in your neighborhood and you're going to want to go check it out when no one is there."  Yeah ... lots of normal people act on that urge.  

Since Derrick's breaking-and-entering expertise failed us this time, I was extremely impressed with his self-control when he chose not to break the door frame in a Hulk-like rage, which wouldn't be so far-fetched after witnessing his previous enraged attempts at rolling out pizza dough without a rolling pin.  Instead, he devised a series of other impressive calculating efforts to get in: getting on the fire escape to see if the window AC unit was removable from the outside, entering through our open front window via the 3rd floor neighbors' bed sheets, seeing if we could somehow find enough borrowed objects to create a massive 16-foot ladder up to the second floor, or just seeing if any of our neighbors happened to have a massive 16-foot ladder lying around.

Unfortunately, all of my overtime pay for this week is going to a visit from the emergency maintenance dude, but isn't that what city living is all about?  One in, one out.  Or in this case, two out, not getting back in.

Thanks for nothing, mangled credit card.

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