CiB Emmy Round-Up Special

When most news outlets and blogs cover awards shows in Hollywood, they generally discuss winners, snubs, and fashion hot messes.  Here at Cats in Baths, we take a different angle and ask: WTF were these people doing at the Emmys?

Judge for yourself.

Lo BosworthThe Hills ended so you have nothing better to do?  Who invited you?  (That being said, I loved Lo on The Hills.  Kappa sisters 4L!).

Stephanie Pratt.  See above entry re: The Hills.

Kelly OsbourneThe Osbournes went off the air five years ago. 

Kate Gosselin.  Do I really need to make a comment here?

Kim Kardashian.  Because nothing says artistic talent like having a gigantic ass and a sex tape.

Kris Jenner.  Because nothing says artistic talent like having a daughter with a gigantic ass and a sex tape.

Paula Abdul.  I kind of feel guilty for making fun of her because I think she might not know where she is.

These images were brought to you by Frazer Harrison and Jason Merritt for Getty Images via New York Magazine.


  1. Why is it wrong for Paula to be there? She's an icon!

  2. Lo and Stephanie Pratt did this thing during E!s pre-red carpet coverage where they got Mad Men style makeovers. It's sad that I know that, but probably sadder that E! felt that was a good use of pre-Emmy coverage.

  3. Oh my gosh, thank you!!!! Seriously, I was like Lo and Steph have no talent whatsoever, same with Kate Gosslin. I mean its sad the woman thinks shes a part of Hollywood, and this is probably just feeding her ego.