Haiku: Now Entering/Leaving Philadelphia

We have a new category here at Cats in Baths called "Why Weren't We Consulted?" It is our belief that the world would be a much better place if people would consult with this blog before acting on any major decision.  Case in point: the path of highways between the Philadelphia airport and Center City Philadelphia leaves little to be desired.  Philly is a great town with a lot of wonderful things to offer: world-class universities, charming people, excellent restaurants, endless cultural opportunities, and tip-top gelato.

But when one leaves or arrives in town via all points South, the sights to behold inspire poetry.

Welcome to Philly
Smoke and particles from the
Oil refineries.

Sewage plant fills lungs
Makes my eyes burn and tear up
I need a gas mask.

Gigantic landfill
Scraps piled high to the heavens
Make Jesus so sad.

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