Yesterday I came home from the gym to find my husband baking butterscotch scones and reading the September issue of Martha Stewart Living.  After briefly speculating on whether or not I had entered into a same-sex marriage, I came to realize that he would actually do anything to avoid studying for his accounting exam tomorrow. 

He also made two balls of pizza dough, researched recipes for blackberry cobbler, and declared that his next baking adventure would entail making bread of some sort.  His precious heart broke upon discovering that we do not own a bread pan, but bittersweet relief overcame him when I told him I had asked for one for my birthday.

He did manage to procrastinate in one manly way, though: he brewed a fresh batch of homemade beer, which is currently fermenting beneath our AC unit in the bedroom in a big, beautiful bucket.  Will it be drinkable?  Only time will tell.  But we'll have at least 50 bottles of whatever it is.  

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  1. Sweet deal! Literally! lol. And yay for me finally checking out your blog, which is hilarious by the way! =)