Birthday Girl

Me: It's raining - I can't believe it.  It never rains on October 19.  October 19 is always the most beautiful day of the year, and I'm not just biased because it's my birthday.
Jeff: God probably just finally realized October 19 was your birthday after 29 years and now He's crying.

Hopefully both God and I will perk up later today.  I have a lot to be thankful for in my old age:

1. No gray hairs (yet).
2. No wrinkles (yet - although I have someone's mother's special skin-tightening doctor on speed dial for when the day comes).
3. No heart conditions (yet - I really, really love cheese).
4. No emphysema (yet - I have *cough* over a year left living in Philly and *cough* fording the Schuykill River every day *cough cough cough*).
5. No hearing loss (did you say something?).

Tonight I plan on celebrating my birthday like any normal 29-year old would.  I'm going to set up my retirement account and then I'm going to slather my face with Vaseline.  I need to preserve the last little bit of my twenties - I'm going to squeeze out every last drop of them, and then use that last drop to moisturize underneath my eyes.

Gonna wake up 10 years younger! 
Age 19, here I come!

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