Shake Shake Shake

When one chooses a career path that involves a feast-or-famine environment, those days of fasting can seem endless when your boss can't return your e-mails because she has pink eye (SORRIES!).  You scour the blogs for anything entertaining or educational, and realize it's time to limit the number of articles you read about Courteney Cox and David Arquette's break-up / open marriage / cheating scandals.  The only Facebook update from the past 25 minutes is the news that a girl with whom you took ballet lessons in 3rd grade is now friends with a person you've never heard of.  Gripping.

Then 3:30 p.m. rolls around and your brain starts to feel like it's growing cobwebs.  You stand up, and feel kind of dizzy, so you sit back down.  You decide you need some candy corn, so you should probably go get some.  And then you eat the candy corn.  And you sit back down.

The phone rings and it's a number you recognize, and you can't believe it, it isn't one you want to avoid!  And then you have this conversation:

Leigh Ann: Hello, you big dodo brain.
Jeff: Hello, you smelly little stinkity stink stinkbug.  Have you been annoying everyone today?
Leigh Ann: What are you doing tonight?  Are you going to brink a dottle of wine... I mean drink a bottle of wine?  And breat a brick ... I mean eat a brick of cheese?  Jeez, my brain is turning into a big pile of macaroni and cheese.
Jeff: I wish your brain would turn into a big pile of macaroni and cheese.  Then I would hold you upside down by your ankles over a plate and shake shake shake you until your head fell off, so I could eat it.

And then you realize the length of your day prior to this phone call was totally worthwhile.

Jeff and I have been having this exact same conversation three times a day, every day, for eight years.  Here's a picture of us being disrespectful at the Vatican in 2002.  Jeff's look holds up well, but I am pretty sure I am outfitted entirely in American Eagle, except of course for the Skechers.

And here's him at my wedding performing the traditional breaking of the plate over the bride's head.  He was honored!



  1. I. Love. This.

    I wish that I could break a plate over your head right now!

  2. I wish I could eat some of that macaroni from your head on that broken plate right now!