Polygamy: None of the Monogamy, All of the Monotony

When participants in singular marriages grow bored and antsy with the drudgery of their married lives, they take up a hobby, take a vacation, redecorate the living room or go dig around in that forgotten lingerie drawer for a little excitement.  When polygamists get bored, they just add more wives.

Thus is the inception of the first episodes of TLC's Sister Wives.  I spent two very peaceful, quiet hours watching this incredibly boring show, and when I wasn't dozing off, I spent most of that time wondering why anyone would ever name a child any of the following names:


If you're going to name your kid Truely, why not at least spell it correctly?

My favorite moment came within the opening five minutes, when the women clarified that they each had sexual relationships with the terribly-named patriarch Kody, the sister wives do NOT have a sexual relationship with one another, and they don't have group sex.  As one of them said, "We're not weird like that."  Because orgies are soooo much weirder than polygamy!

Not sure why this came up on a Google image search of "polygamist,"
but it does make me long for the days of Rock of Love, the greatest television program of our time.

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