A 17-Second Brain Vacation

It's Monday.  It's lunch time.  It's raining. 

You're probably sitting at your desk, eating last week's frozen pizza that you left in the mini-fridge over the weekend, wishing you could go outside and sit on a nice bench somewhere under a canopy of leaves changing their hues, letting a crisp breeze cool you off from your sweaty morning in your sweltering office. 

Instead, here you sit, dropping crumbs into your keyboard, getting grease all over your mouse, and avoiding entering last month's expenses into that spreadsheet you've decided to start keeping after being on the job for almost a year. 

If this describes you at all, then this totally terrified kitten getting dragged into the bath tub by this evil, naked brat will make you feel a little bit better. 

My boss just watched this video and said, "I love the end of the video when the little boy immediately forgets all about the cat because he finds his penis."

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