I Should Probably Take Wearing My Glasses More Seriously

Or, try a little harder to dig out the autumn ragweed that has set up permanent residence in my right eyeball.

It is generally no surprise for me to bump into Derrick while I'm at work, and today I thought I saw him in a building where I was having a meeting.  I was about five feet away from jumping in the guy's lap and giving him a big ole smoochero when I realized he was a) not Derrick and b) not even a ginger.

On Saturday I molested greeted one of Derrick's classmates at a party and asked him what was up before being told that it was actually the guy's twin brother and he had no idea who I was.  It turns out they don't look that much alike.

I might need to make an appointment with an eye doctor before I walk into the wrong apartment.

Derrick, is that you?

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  1. Not so funny now that your eye is all swollen shut.