The Promised Land

I love the contestants on Top Chef during Quick Fire Challenges when they have to use surprise ingredients. They're all like, "Oh. My. God. WHAT am I going to do with this freshly caught fish, all this home-churned butter, and these fresh chives? I am really going to have to dig deep to come up with something creative. This is going to take all I have."

That's quite a challenge. All week I've been trying to figure out how to subsist on a can of black olives, a bottle of Target-brand syrup, a 5-liter box of chablis, and a pack of expired birth control pills. I have refused to purchase any groceries this week in anticipation of leaving town for four and a half glorious days in North Carolina! I am stoked to visit with our families and attend the Herrmann-McInerney (Herrmannerney?  McInHerrmann?) wedding in Asheville on Sunday. The bachelorette party involved a Shake Weight, so my expectations for this wedding are pretty high.

So I probably won't be able to update Cats in Baths until next week, but I will leave you with an amazing picture of a bathed cat. Oh, and if you're thinking of ransacking my apartment while we're gone, too bad, because it will be occupied, and we have nothing worth stealing - unless you're interested in a table and chairs purchased many levels beyond secondhand from the Habitat for Humanity General Store in Cornelius, NC. I was going to get rid of those anyway.

I have no idea where this image originated, because it's all over the internet, but I got it here.

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