My fellow Americans, as we approach the ninth anniversary of September 11, 2001, a day that changed our nation forever, we strive for a greater appreciation of all that is good about this amazing country.  Peanut butter and jelly.  Mount Rushmore.  Taylor Swift.  The Golden Gate Bridge.  Autumn on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Mexican food.

And the fact that we are mere days away from the season premiere of Gossip Girl

What wonders will this ground-breaking series behold this year?  Will Chace Crawford become hotter?  Perhaps.  Will Blake Lively's wish to have Serena killed off be fulfilled?  Let's hope so.  Will Blair and Chuck find eternal happiness together?  Outlook not so good.  Will I begin to care about any other characters besides Blair and Chuck?  Outlook also not so good.  Will the fashion on this show cause me to give up on my own wardrobe entirely?  I'm already halfway there.  How many more ways can their incestuous sex lives possibly be combined?  We've already had a threesome - do I see an orgy on the horizon?  Will Dorota's broken English be involved?

Wholesome entertainment: where would our country be without it?

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  1. Is this particular scene pictured one in which they traveled back in time?