When I Grow Up, I'm Going To Have A Chicken Farm, And The Chickens Will Be 100% Biscuit-Fed.

Sandy H. writes: "Loved yesterday's postings. Your dad is LOLing. 'She is such a good blogger!!' I don’t want you to think this is any less of a genuine compliment just because he’s never read a blog before yours."

In addition to introducing Dad to the wild world of Sitting In Front Of A Computer All Day, we also guided Dad through his first chicken biscuit experience while in North Carolina this weekend.  Bill H. is full of surprises.  After he asked what on earth a chicken biscuit was, I thought he would turn his nose up when I explained to him that it was literally a piece of fried chicken that someone brilliant, somewhere, one day decided to stick in the middle of a biscuit and declare it worthy as breakfast, lunch OR dinner, but instead he said, "That sounds great!"  And to think of all the times he said "UGH!" in response to whatever garbage I was eating as a child.  Maybe next time we'll take him for a Double Down to really test his limits.

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  1. This caused my stomach to lurch sideways.

  2. you could really double down and make it a sandwich with a krispy kreme donut sliced in half.