It's Ginger Season

Between the groom, his Scottish-descended family, the Scotch-Irish folks from the highlands of the North Carolina mountains, and Derrick, the Herrmann-McInerney wedding had a ginger representation to rival that of a Weasley family reunion.  I've never seen anything like it.  

Derrick decided to celebrate this rare and special occasion of being part of the out of control ginger population by busting out his most sacred white boy moves on the dance floor.  There's the shoulder shimmy, the hunky hip hustle skip, and the oft-imitated but never duplicated head-shake/finger-wag.  The head-shake/finger-wag really tells the ladies what's up.  It's pretty much the reason I married him.  I went all malfunctioning fembot the first time I saw it.  Smoke coming out of my ears, head spinning around.  It was documented in this TLC special:

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  1. So glad M.I.A. wasn't there to round 'em up!