Look, Boys And Girls

This is what Mommy and Daddy have to eat for a few days after a long Labor Day weekend that involved mountains of food and absolutely nothing laborious whatsoever!

The walk to the gym is a long and torturous one.  En route, I pass by the following evil sorceresses:

3 bars
3 bakeries
1 taco place
1 pizza place
1 Irish pub
1 Korean BBQ place
1 Japanese place
1 restaurant devoted to nothing but chocolate
2 Italian places whose scents of tomato sauce and garlic bread whisper through the smog and bounce off the asphalt, into my happy awaiting lungs, swirling around for two amazing blocks
1 Applebee's

... Okay, so the Applebee's isn't really that tempting.

1 comment:

  1. Just goes to show that you have tremendous willpower!