After Derrick graduates in May of 2012 with law and business degrees, he intends to spend the summer studying for the bar exam - you know, just for fun. I have decided that the best place for him to hole up studying for the summer is the small studio cabin behind my parents' mountain house in North Carolina.

That's not a real goat.  Or is it?

Here, Derrick can live out his dreams of solitude and isolation, never sleeping, yet cuddling with and caressing his law books, growing his ginger beard for three months, and collecting his own urine. He will befriend country mice and then eat them, make his own clothes out of molted snake skins, and his only companion will be Tonto, the bodyless mantel Indian.

I'm Tonto.  You're Crazy.
I've heard that the bar exam can drive a man crazy.

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  1. He also needs to learn how to chop wood and whittle.